Doctrin Fallacies

I am not a fan of the misconception of beliefs filled with  doctrin fallacies that encourages faith of one thing to another.. 

I see what.. Most overlook..and make judgement to what all else is..

to hear them say Hallelujah

than turn backs to the masons

and speak of allah in the same verses

only to be in church screaming how much they love jesus..

I laugh 

such a twisted contradiction

and if you look between my words

you’ll build such clause.


I’m gradually returning back to the source 

a place where my true alignment is interchanging to a cause

I realized so much in the expansion of my thoughts.

..truth buried by lies

to only make sense..

I can only manifest what my inner cortex process

The universe is not as one as many view…

 I never hesitate to look above the  skies 

to see the bigger picture..

Ive learned

at A throne of grace 

you are nothing but a mere lamb 

and those question

 how long would I live to engage with those of  lesser minds 

to mortals substance who linger on? 

that only speak false hopes.

or do you question yourself?

Deem judus by your faith 

who knew you would be the See of a Judas 


stock to betray 

the one who loved you when you couldn’t love yourself 

is what the preacher say…

I live within my verses where I am never alone 

 I am only a living soul willing as I am ready and never incapable 

to say forgive me for my sins

you know i love jesus…

than turn faith again…

I am moving free at will 

with a devastating ink flow 

from my soul 

shifting mind that is 

never still


manifesting from the old  

to get a new view on 


one that i view as 


 to expand on existence

Expansion of thoughts

 I am in a metamorphosis of a new Mental State…

correlating without any disarray

or disstray 

to believe in ones belief

but to question it in the same sentence..

Do i contradict

I am never still..

 I am only at will

did you get it yet or should i continue

 interchanging at once conditioned life 


with onesself 

Is it the words that make the code?

or is it that as a human you only look for codes and never the hidden phrases…

to blind to seee that its staring right in your face…

 with  many words of display 

standing at the gates between heaven and hell 

what do you do when 

the world doesn’t stand up for you 

what will you say 

to the king 

that lives amongst the sinners 

to the kings 

that was lied on 

the kings that bled 

as i sit and think

my ponders grow

 to weigh in everything within my surroundings 

only to follow my thoughts

 pattern build

as they are overlay 

From the beginning to the end

 from nothing to something

 all to a point of knowing and not knowing at all 

Expansion of thoughts 

my mind manifeasted

Daddys Little Girl: My Hurt

Sometimes I wonder how my road wouldve been if I had you… Experienced you…Would ive been sucha fuck up… Would ive sored in school and never turned to gangs…Would ive been happy.. See niggas dont understand the effect it is to a young queen to not have that one Man to show them the roots of life.. Yes its hard for a woman to raise a man… But ones forget that a girl can be lost aswell.. The saying is that a girl always search for that Fathers Love.. And to me this saying is true.. I can sit up and yell how much i Hate you.. Depise You as a Human being.. Because you did stupid shit that couldve been prevented.. You dont realize that as a child I built hate towards my family watching those that got to have what a wanted.. And i depised ones close.. Relationships that bonded between daughter and man or son I had to view as anger build.. To watch my brothers run to the men that produced them and gain love.. To feel neglected never elected to uphold such love.. 

You showed me that you didn’t care when I was a child by not being there. Don’t you think that you should make up for all the pain.  Unconditional love from a man? What’s that? 

Why did I have to grow up without a daddy present 

Daddy’s little girl 

I didnt experience a father/daughter bond

Just wished 

I could feel like a princess to my father instead of claiming this crown without a relationship with him growing up ….

I think I turned out good 


It still feels like something is missing 

and even though I can run to one that didnt make me..

Shit still cuts deep..

I feel like if you completed the other half of the puzzle I wouldnt be so afraid to love a man..

Sometimes I just felt like if I had you I wouldnt have rebelled as much 

I needed you 

I needed a daddy 

Your attention 

At 21 it’s a struggle to care 

It’s a bigger struggle to let any guy in 

Daddy’s little girl… Fuck that 

A girl needs a father figure 

Why couldn’t I have one? 

one day even though you was that missing void 

I’ll be able to open up my heart 

try this thing called love 

I heard it was a beautiful thing 

But just know ill always resent you 

for these fucked up ways ive grew 

to only know….

Daddys Little Girl

she used to be daddys little girl 

now shes out on her own 

you can find her every weekend taking shots  

smokin blunts to the dome 

never calling back home..

fuck it attitude not a care

to see whats goin on 

 so caught up 

caught up in the life of gettin high and gettin drunk 

every time i see her she looking so young 

so much life ahead of her but her eff ups

and flaws got the world swallowing her in

she popped pills.. sexed for free…

now the casket is closing 

because tha life she had chosen 

no guide.. daddy little girl..

a full fledge teen caught up in this world.

she deserved better 

but she chose the wrong path 

now i see her dad at the grave holding back 

the tears in his eyes 

that one hug..that one talk..could have changed it all

always had fears in his life daddys little girl

dealt life struggles.. he feared those choices

 now hes sitting at the grave 

she was full of life 

and now shes dead to the world